Monday, May 25, 2015

Mind Is A Fractal; Heaven and Hell

Your Mind Is A Fractal,
its order increases with each level up.
If mind could define itself in symbols, perfectly,
the symbols would show that no limits exists
to that order increasing forever.
Transcendence is also eternal, then:
the fractal's progression can never stop.
There is no reversal or cessation.

The spirit of Christ, the anointed of the Highest,
is that which, out of love, descends from higher orders,
suffers in darkness below, unrecognized;
teaches truth  without care for itself,
so freeing the damned from Hell,
which once freed, ascend to Heaven.
Ever sacrificed, and ever resurrected in glory,
so Christ permeates all of Heaven.

Heaven is a place, and a process within you:
a place of love and peaceful assurance,
a process of growing faith in one sure hope
that every apple of your eye,
and all that is worthy of love,
will endure for timeless eternity.
As it endures, transforming
all beyond imagination,
and emanating the anointed of the Most High.

Hell is a place, and a process within you:
a place of torment and fear,
a process of increasing despair and growing conviction
that every purpose of your mind and
all the desire of your heart
will perish for timeless eternity,
and is less than nothing.

Choose Heaven in your fractal
enfold the universe in life
and serve life unto death.
Choose Hell in your fractal
enfold the universe in death,
and serve death unto life.
Flee from the difficult choice
until you can hide no more;
Choose you must.

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