Saturday, January 21, 2017

Crescent Message

Crescent in you there is a message
        deeper than flaky French pastry-ness
        lighter than the burden of the Prophet
        truer than your own arcing curves

      cosmos as a very wide band
      find its essential element
          that's a point
          to which the cosmos tapers
          on one end of the band
     abstract its wholeness, cause of its totality, origin of its justice
          that's another point
          to which the cosmos tapers
          at the other end of the band
     bring the points together
     off to the side of the band
          so as to form a circle
          encompassed by the band

Picture that
     in your mind
          see the crescent imagined
     if you worry that
          the cosmos cannot be a band
         or has no essence or justice
      just imagine that it is and has
      we are just imagining here
          not arguing
     see the crescent in your mind

Then you know
     the imaginary
     of that imaginary
     that message
     like every message in the cosmos
     can be perceived
          only in the imagination
     perceive it then
          if you will

know this secret
     of that imaginary crescent
     for yourself
            a smug little
     if you doubt or wish to cheat check meander on
          continue                                              reading

Unity requires
           subsists in
as does duality
       as does
coherent totality

Snuggle into that imaginary crescent
     during the next taco storm
Be safe
     my friend.

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